Formerly known as Vijaya Engineers and Contractors and having served the Electrical & Mechanical industry for years, TVR Projects Pvt. Ltd. Came into existence in Visakhapatnam city of Andhra Pradesh. The company has been established for providing services and assistance related to Erection and Maintenance/Overhauling of Thermal and Hydro Power Generation Stations including Sub-station, H.T. & L.T Equipment Erection, Cable Laying, Testing and Commissioning, Instrumentation Field Devices Erection,  Cross Country Pipe Line Works, Erection of Mechanical Equipment Civil works etc.

Mr. T. Veerabhadra Rao (M.D.),and Mrs. T. Gaja Lakshmi (Director) are the functioning heads of this organization who tend to excel in their areas of operations. Their expertise and valour has brought in a great deal of success to the company and their experience makes sure the clients get the best quality product or services delivered to them.

TVR Projects has undertaken a number of projects all over India for many Public and Private listed companies and still continues to amaze them with its range of facilities. The list of clients gets on increasing on a day to day basis. The company has tools and machineries worth more than a crore just to tackle out-of-station situations.


From being an Engineer to building up an army of like-minded and able Engineers to aid the industry is not a tranquil task unless you are Mr. Veerabhadra Rao. Holding a degree of B/Tech in Electrical, Mr. Rao is one of the three lead persons of M/S TVR Projects Pvt. Ltd and holds the much important and respectable position of a Managing Director. He is also in-charge of Administrative, Financial and Technical Matters.

Having over 40 years of experience in the Electrical Engineering industry, Mr. T. Veerabhadra Rao has shown the company a number of its elevated peaks; TVR Projects Pvt. Ltd. has always been on the exponential graph since he started serving the company. Leading projects related to Erections, Testing & Commissioning of Hydro and Thermal power stations, transformers, sub-stations, cable laying, End terminations & overhead lines, cross-country gas pipe-lines have been just a few of his numerous areas of expertise. There is no denying the fact that he has been an able leader and a person who always motivates the team to perform and excel. Presently, at TVR Projects, he handles a team that consists of 15 highly qualified Engineers in various domains. Not only this, a total of 15 competent Foremen, 24 Technicians & Fitters, 33 Welders, 46 Riggers, 7 HT Cable Jointers and 130 Electricians are always at the receiving end of Mr. Rao’s efficient instructions. The company takes pride in his abilities and expertise and plans to keep serving the industry with the help of his ever-ending skill-set, co-operation and knowledge.